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Too many choices....

Remember the beautiful mess painting I wrote about last week? (If not, you can read that post here.) Yeah,'s happening again with this painting.

I am still struggling with these larger canvasses. My smaller works usually start with inspiration from an inspiring quote or an image I love. Then I make the background, incorporate the words and image in and add some finishing touches. Voila! Finished painting. But the techniques and processes I've used on smaller works don't seem to translate well to these bigger spaces, so there's a lot of experimentation happening. I felt drawn to the larger canvas size for the sense of freedom it gave me, but after the initial fun of playing with color...I have a hard time "landing" it and having it feel meaningful AND beautiful. I tend to overthink, or maybe not think enough? And then I get stuck in places that feel too busy and I can't decide what to do next.

Here are some photos of the underlayers of this painting. The above photo is where it is now. Again....ALMOST done, but not quite there. And I just don't love it. Sigh.

Eventually, if I keep practicing, I'm sure I'll get more comfortable, but for now it's both fascinating and frustrating. Another metaphor for my life right now? More lessons from the canvas. 🙄

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