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My Artwork

As a child, I loved all kinds of artistic expression and especially enjoyed creating things that brought joy to others. Back then, I didn’t imagine I’d be a “real” artist and channeled my creativity and compassion into becoming a nurse and massage therapist. Although I never completely stopped creating, it was not a large part of my daily life until 2008, when a friend encouraged me to try mixed media collage art. This versatile art form reignited my artful passion. Combining my love of art with over 30 years as a medical professional allows me a unique perspective which is insightful, inspirational and compassionate. I hope these qualities are evident in my highly textured and varied work. It’s my vision to create art that brings more beauty, joy and inspiration to the world. 

The images below are a sampling of my work over the years. In addition to the original work, I've also created greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and Art Hearts.  

Brave Wings

I am always creating new work. You can get first peeks at current works in progress by following me on

Instagram or Facebook.

I often offer my followers "first dibs" on new pieces there before adding them to my shop.

Click "original artwork" above to see what's in the shop right now. 

I am also available for commissions. As my work is evolving, I am learning to trust my intuition more fully. This is especially true when I am working on a piece for someone specific. I tune in, listen deeply and do what feels right, even if it doesn't seem to be going where I thought it would. I am learning to trust that whatever ends up on the canvas is exactly the right thing for the artwork's recipient. Prayer plays a huge part in my creative process. Blessings are infused in each brush stroke and glued in with every image.  

Art Hearts group

Art Hearts are one of my favorite things to make. They begin as blank watercolor paper and are transformed into individual inspirational messages through many layers of paint, stamping, stencils, collage, etc. They take many days to create, and I touch each one at least a dozen times throughout the process. Each time I add another layer, I send light and love to the person who will eventually receive it, so they are infused with goodness! They are perfect to use as personal reminders, as well as making great gifts or cards. They fit perfectly into a 5”x 5” envelope for easy mailing.

I also create bookmarks using the same process. Each bookmark has a quote about books or reading on the reverse and includes decorative ribbons and fibers. 


Many of my pieces are available as prints, greeting cards and even magnets! Purchase individually or in beautifully packaged sets.

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