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“Michelle has the kind of skills that don’t dull. She sees people and listens. She’s done it so well for so long that she sometimes thinks everyone has the skills she has. They don’t. Anyone can talk to her, share hard things with her, and feel comforted by her. She speaks and exists in ways that many cannot authentically.”

"From my perspective, Michelle’s strongest attribute is herself as a person. Most clinicians can learn stuff and convey the meat and bones adequately. But not all are healers. There is something about Michelle that sets her apart. It's not something that can be taught. A genuine caring, coupled with empathy and keen judgement that is priceless.  And it's because of who she is that makes those around her even better.”

“Michelle is an extremely warm, patient, soothing, reassuring nurse educator who is the calming force in the midst of chaos. I appreciate the artistic flare she blends with her nursing skills and the beautiful pieces of art she has created that brings joy to so many. I connect with her deep rooted faith and her desire to exude her religious convictions in a nonjudgmental fashion.”

Marylynn Gonsalves, RN, CRNP

"Michelle is an incredible artist. I love how she can take an idea and make something beautiful out of nothing. The hearts she made were so well received by all of my friends. My coworkers loved them and one was very moved by it. She has it in her bathroom where she will see it every morning to help her start her day the right way."

Mary Kmiecinski, friend and customer

"Having commissioned a wonderful piece of art from Michelle, I can honestly say she does listen and the end results are just beautiful. Highly recommended."

Jane Walton, friend and customer

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