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Navigating Change

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you know that I started a new job at THE Pearl Spa recently and so many things are changing.

My schedule is changing.

My focus is changing.

Change is never easy. Even if it’s change we want. Even if it’s change we were looking for and actively cultivating. And when one thing shifts, everything that’s connected to that thing….which is pretty much everything….must also shift to accommodate the newness.

As this is happening in my life right now, I am noticing once again my typical patterns of response, my ways of reacting to circumstances and situations. And as I am noticing this, I am also trying to look at whether those patterns of response and behavior are serving myself or others? And if not….how can I shift and change THAT?

In the midst of this, I am also trying to remember to be kind to myself.

I have to admit isn’t always easy for me. I tend to be hard on myself.

I tend to expect more from myself than anyone else does. It’s difficult for me to be a beginner and feel incompetent and awkward. This is happening as I am navigating all the newness, which is kind of a given huh? New=unknown for everyone, right?

So, I am trying to offer myself the same kind gentleness I would offer to someone else in this situation.

What would I tell a friend who was navigating change?

What might they need and want to hear?

How might I encourage them?

So…for me and for you…..I wrote this:

"Dear one,

You are doing the best you can. Change is never easy...but change is necessary for growth. Everything in nature changes. There are rhythms for all of it. Times of reaching, stretching, opening. Times of letting go, releasing and resting. Each season has its own gifts and challenges. Right now, you are in a season of growth. Extending upward and outward into places you’ve never been. Do not be so hard on yourself. Do not compare yourself to others. Allow the unfolding to happen and find joy in the unfurling. Keep your face toward the light. Look for the good. Recognize that growth and expansion takes time and cannot be rushed. Be patient. Ask the questions. Do not be afraid to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Even the butterfly must acclimate to its new wings. A flower opens its petals to the light in its own time. Fruit does not ripen overnight.

Growth and change requires tremendous energy. Remember to nourish yourself and allow yourself to be tended. Breathe. Eat good food. Drink water. Go outside. Stretch and move your body. Allow moments of stillness and rest. Feel your feet on the earth. Hug your loved ones and let them hug you. Smile. Look up. Engage your senses in each moment. Give yourself fully to this process and offer your whole self.

It will be okay.

You will be okay.

The world needs you and your gifts.

You are so very loved."

PS: Registration for the August Soul Care Session is still open.

In this session, we will do several of the things I know help me when I'm navigating change: we'll gather, go outside, see with new eyes and write about it.

I'd love for you to be there.

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