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Here is God

On July 1, I decided for the month of July, I'd write every day about what was true for me. As you can see, I haven't done that. It's been a week since my first post. My initial reaction was to feel bad about not following through. But the thing is, life happens, and I'm learning to be gentler with my self talk. So here I am, on July tell you about today. About what's true for me in this moment....

Here are scenes from our summer yard...

1. Daylillies planted years ago on the outside of the fence have migrated to the inside as well. Mostly orange ones now, but there are also some gorgeous pink ones that will show up soon.

2. Our young apple tree took a beating with the cicadas. No apples this year. 🙁

3. Herb garden. Needs weeding...the garlic chives self-seeded and are taking over!

4&5. Planted this wildflower garden from seed last year and all of these came back! This mass of sunny yellow accented with purple makes me so happy.

6-8. The pollinator garden I planted this spring with plants from Sun Nurseries. It's coming along! I wasn't sure it would get enough sunlight on the east side of the house, but they seem to be doing okay. I've seen bees and butterflies, but so far, no hummingbirds.

9.Planters flanking the front door. Impatiens and Shasta the lab and Luna, the small cat.

Wandering around the yard puttering in the early morning is one of my favorite things. Everything about it nourishes my soul...the birdsong, the quality of the light, the feel of the grass and earth under my feet, touching and encouraging the plants and being encouraged by them, drinking in the astounding beauty of the flowers, the bursts of color, the breeze rustling leaves and brushing my cheek. Small tasks like plucking spent blooms or a handful of weeds, watering, clipping, gathering flowers to place in a jar on our table....all of this is God to me. Yes.

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