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Door to your dreams....

Sometimes there are doors we suspect will lead us toward our dreams, but we are afraid to open them. For whatever reason, fear keeps us stalled. I've been there for sure. This dreamy piece reminds you to be brave. To have courage. To just take the step and walk through the door. Something beautiful just might be waiting on the other side.

I finished this piece about two weeks ago and it got a lot of positive attention when I posted it on my social media sites. It's colors and message just seemed to resonate with people. When I checked email that same night before heading off to bed, I discovered the piece had already my brother. I was floored. I texted him...."you bought my art?" And he simply said, "yes. It's beautiful." I called him and we talked. He got a bit teary telling me about why it meant so much to him.....that he had recently taken a leap to pursue a long held dream and seeing that piece reminded him how much courage it had taken to take that step. And how glad he was that he'd done it. He later sent me a photo of the piece hanging "where he can see it every day". This makes me incredibly happy.

I make art both for myself and with the intention of bringing more beauty, joy, hope and inspiration to the world. Touching people is part of what I do and art is a deep and powerful connector. If you'd like to own this piece, too....prints are now available, both unmounted and mounted an 1/2" solid MDF. You can see and purchase them in my shop here. So much love to all of you....

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