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Michelle Lisenbee Healing Arts

Connection is where healing happens

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About Me

Artist, Healer, Wanna-Be Monk

Hello and welcome. I'm Michelle, a Board-Certified Holistic Registered Nurse, a Board-Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and self-taught mixed media artist.  I use the skills I've learned in each of these disciplines to create healing connected spaces and help people move toward wholeness.

Over the years, I’ve learned that a “connected healing space” can look like a lot of things. Sometimes it’s actual physical space. Sometimes it’s a pocket of time. And sometimes it's space in our own heart and mind. 

Creating and holding those spaces is part of my calling. I still have much to explore and every day is an adventure as I practice being both a masterpiece and work in progress. 

I'm so glad you're here. Take a look around. Maybe you'll discover something here that feels right and good...and we will find a connection. I would love that.
(Image credit Cindy Fatsis)


Paths to Connection

Work with Me!


I discovered mixed media art in 2008 and felt I'd come home. I've been told my artwork is insightful, inspirational and compassionate and I do believe these qualities are evident in my highly textured and varied work. It’s my vision to create art that brings more beauty, joy and inspiration to the world. 


My workshops and retreats are designed to create space for connection. 
Connection with others, with nature, with God and most importantly with your own beautiful soul. We might meditate. We will probably journal. We will most certainly make art. Topics vary and may be virtual or in-person depending on the current COVID climate. Click to see what's up right now!

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I am a Holistic Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist. Over the years I've trained in various bodywork and holistic healing modalities. I will work with you to create a custom session that meets you where you are and provides a nurturing, safe environment to rest and restore.

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