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About Me

cropped-HPIM5373-1.jpg“She reminds me of the color of autumn leaves at their peak. A myriad of colors shapes and light all reflective and dancing. Of the scent of pine trees carried on a cool morning breeze. Of a green-blue lake glistening in the summer sun. Of the marvel of new snowflakes floating to the ground to rest. Of a handmade quilt from well-loved fabrics from all my yesterdays. She is always becoming and yet complete. Compassionate. Gentle. Searching for depth, meaning, love and peace. She is simplicity and complexity.”

Those words were written by my sister, Tracey, as a gift one Christmas. It brings a lump to my throat every time I read it. How did she manage to capture the truth of me so well? It is humbling and wondrous to be so known and so loved.

I am many things to many people: sister, daughter, friend, mother, wife. I am a registered nurse, massage therapist, mixed media artist. A seeker, wanna-be monk in the world, follower of Jesus trying her best to always be open to wonder. Thanks for visiting.

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