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A friend and I are reading the book, “The Artist’s Rule” by Christine Valters Paintner. It’s subtitle is, “nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom” and I am loving it. Its words and exercises are speaking to the deepest parts of me. This poem is the results of a recent writing exercise from the book. Every time I read this, it reminds me who I am.


Today, I am going to start living like an artist,

with wide-eyed wonder

at all that is.

Tasting the wind

head thrown back, laughing

arms open, gathering every moment.

I will dance my heart

and anoint my canvas with joyful messes,

astonished by my accidental creation.

I will hold out my soul as an offering.

Today, I am going to start living like a monk.

Each breath inhaling Spirit cell deep –

Flowing, infusing, illuminating.

I will don sacred spectacles

and see the holiness in all.

I will find rest and peace in order and space.

I will honor what was

delight in what is

And remain open to what is to come.

Perhaps I may even wear a robe.

Michelle Lisenbee

February, 2016